Manuscript Preparation

We strongly suggest the writer/author to understand this layout system completely. At the same time as we illustrate how to set up manuscript for acquiescence underneath our company.

  1. Submitted manuscripts be supposed to be of their innovative research effort or of the effort, they are allied in the company for the duration of their term. Submitted manuscripts should enclose unique and genuine consequences, statistics and their thoughts, which are not available somewhere else.
  2. Authors ought to appropriately refer to the work they are referring, authors are recommended to check more than once the references earlier than submission of document that it have all the substance that a manuscript must contain.
  3. Authors and co-authors are asked for to evaluate and make sure that the accurateness and soundness of all the consequences proceeding to submission. Whichever probable conflict of interest ought to be up to date to the editor to move forward.
  4. All authors are appeal to suggest the copyright reassign form lacking failure previously they accept the approval of their article for publication on the journal website.
  5. Authors are not supposed to submit the similar manuscript, in the identical verbal communication concurrently to other journal.
  6. While individual conducting tests is being statement, a report must be incorporated authenticating that the effort was completed in conflict with the proper organization analysis and approved by means of the principled values.